Work Healthier Challenge

The Work Healthier Challenge is a turnkey, team-based health improvement challenge developed to reduce costly lifestyle health risks that lead to chronic diseases – such as diabetes and metabolic syndrome. HealthyWage has successfully created corporate challenge programs for more than 500 Fortune 500 and other companies, hospitals, health systems, insurers, school systems, and municipal governments throughout the U.S., delivering innovative ways to make a real impact on the growing obesity epidemic.

Lose Weight & Win Big with the Work Healthier $10,000 Team Challenge!

More Information

The Work Healthier Challenge is an innovative health improvement challenge targeting all employers, of any size, across the state of Texas, developed to aid in preventing and reducing chronic, lifestyle health risks related to overweight and obesity issues. This challenge will serve as a catalyst to improve health across the state of Texas and will provide participating employers with verified program data to gauge and showcase success.